Nile Koetting & Nozomu Matsumoto
Remain Calm

Remain Calm is an LP and booklet cataloguing Nile Koetting’s performative installation and its immersive soundtrack produced in collaboration with Nozomu Matsumoto and Miriam Stoney. In Remain Calm, Koetting draws inspiration from the earthquake and tsunami drills he experienced as a young student growing up in Japan. Through blending sci-fi narratives with ready-made technologies, Koetting creates scenographic performance environments where an omniscient technocratic authority softly mediates between performer, audience, and natural disaster. Matsumoto’s sound design and Stoney’s texts read by computer speech synthesizers are a fundamental facet of the work, and in this LP version, they culminate into a compelling and singular listening experience. 

Remain Calm was initially commissioned by Kunstverein Göttingen in 2019 and has since been exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Centre Pompidou X West Bund Museum, Shanghai; Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah; Shedhalle, Zürich; Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hongkong; Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Alien Art Center, Taiwan. 

Nile Koetting (b. 1989, JP) works with a diverse range of formats, such as installation, light, performance, scenography, and sound. His artistic projects explore a new perception of interchanges between material and immaterial, living and non-living beings in a landscape of performative time and space. Koetting’s works and projects have been presented at Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou x Westbund Museum, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Fondation Hermès Tokyo, Somerset House, Kunstverein Göttingen, Moscow Biennale, ZKM Karlsruhe, Hebbel Am Ufer Theater, Western Front, Mori Art Museum, and Kunstverein Hannover. 

Nozomu Matsumoto (b. 1990, JP) is a Tokyo-based artist and curator. His work has been presented at galleries such as Yamamoto Gendai and Talion Gallery and he has done curation for "Tokyo Art Meeting VI TOKYO: Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis" The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2015. His sound design work includes Nile Koetting’s “Sustainable Hours” at Maison Hermés, 2016 and “FUKAMI, une plongée dans l'esthétique japonaise” at Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, 2018. Nozomu released the vinyl "Climatotherapy" and “Sustainable Hours” from The Death of Rave. Climatotherapy also developed as a performance installation in collaboration with Nile Koetting in "ASSEMBLY" at Somerset House in 2018. 

Miriam Stoney (b. 1994, UK) is a writer and researcher based between London and Vienna. Often working collaboratively, her practice is primarily textual, encompassing art writing, performance, audio, and installation. In 2021 her first solo exhibition opened at Kunstverein Kevin Space in Vienna. She received the Broken Dimanche Press Writing Prize in 2020 and will publish her first novel in Spring 2022. Her texts have been featured by Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Somerset Houses Studios London, and BBC Introducing Arts, among others.